Sunday, June 16, 2019

Father's Day, 2019

"Daddy..." ahh, the memories amass!
For not a single day would come to pass
when he is not inside my thoughts and heart:
a smile, a laugh or a tear to impart.
So very fortunate this man has been
to be raised by one of the finest men!
He loved...he cared...he worked...he took the time--
the level of such pride again to climb!

Daddy-in this life he is no more.
But in my heart and on that yonder shore
his presence, oh so vividly, is known;
and I know that many others, they have grown
by my daddy being somewhere in their lives!
And, when That Trumpet finally arrives,
so many--they will recognize that man
who ALWAYS seemed to come up with a plan!

Yes, daddy always came up with a plan for whatever anyone brought to him.  At the church, in the Navy, in the Civil Service, on a construction site or in our home, dad could figure out and fix about anything...even if it was as minute as constructing a missing wheel to one of my Hot Wheels, daddy could do it!

And he could also fix 'things' that money could not buy: like making time for someone who needed being a 'dad' to someone who didn't know what a true 'dad' was like!
On this Father's Day, make sure the 'father figures' in your own life receive due recognition.  I was very blessed to have one with my own genes, too many others do not.

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