Wednesday, June 5, 2019


The White River.  So beautiful.  So peaceful.  Coming here I am never alone, (even though there is no one else for miles!)

Walking next to me
by currents, wild and free,
the Lord and I converse
beyond confines of "verse."
There be so much to learn,
and much more to discern
in such precious fellowship--
each emotion would He grip!

The splendor and majesty,
the blest simplicity
this time would so contain--
none other could explain!
And time--would it not cease,
and stresses all release
when he is with this man?
But constantly it can!

So make time to enjoy

where nothing may annoy.
It is necessary so
for anyone to grow!
Even here, along the banks
while echoing my thanks
to THE Creator God
Who made this precious sod!

The river may be mighty and powerful, but right here it is beautiful and peaceful.  Such places as these and times with Him are to be treasured, enjoyed and not neglected!  Wherever you may be, there is a time and place to savor the Presence of God...each and every day.  Do not neglect that opportunity.


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