Sunday, June 23, 2019


The telephone rings again.  I don't recognize the number.  However, upon hearing the voice at the other end, years of emotions and memories come flooding back!

How fortunate are we to have

a "family" to share!
They may not be 'relatives,' but
we KNOW they always care!
We got the call just yesterday
and met this afternoon;
God--He had this all planned out;
and time--it ends too soon!

But grateful is this man for those

sweet hours spent together!
The sun shone bright there at that table
in spite of the weather!
Distance--it was not an issue,
and time, it disappeared
as we conversed and supped once more--
a moment so revered!

So treasure time with those you love;
appointments God-arranged.
Know that hearts and lives, by such,
they are forever changed!
Never take for granted those
who dwell inside the heart;
and don't just call them, VISIT THEM!
It is a dying art!

Yes, in our high-tech world we have so many ways to keep in touch, but NOTHING can replace being together in one place with the ones you love...even if it is simply conversing around a table.
Thank you, David and Nathan, today was most memorable!

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