Sunday, June 9, 2019

Constant Flow

At the river once again.  Enjoying the wonders of His creation, and being amazed by His complexities...

The Living thing--so massive,
so silent and so calm;
being with it so becomes
a wondrous, soothing balm!
The very same, in other places,
is destroying much;
how does one the n appreciate
appropriately such?

The River--I appreciate,
I bask in and enjoy.
Unfortunately, miles away,
it would steal, kill and destroy!
The puzzles in this life, they are
in many situations;
the only question: have you made
the proper preparations?

So beautiful and graceful;
the same, so crude and cruel.
In all of life, so similar
would be such ancient duel!

The same river that we are enjoying: swimming in and fishing, the same river, in other places, is ripping peoples' lives apart.
God's Word tells us that, in all of life, we must take the bad with the good, and trust that He is in complete control.  Let us do so, however, with a heart of gratitude and compassion so that we can minister the way He wants us to.

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