Monday, June 3, 2019

Beyond the Pricetag

Pressing on. matter the cost.  In doing such, we will soon be carrying out His will without even counting the cost.
Are we there yet?

With gratitude and thankful heart

each moment must we live;
there is so very, very much,
unto each one to give!
And given by The One Who owns
and governs everything--
can YOU live such a grateful state
with what this life would bring?

The same, but it is possible

when living for another!
Surely we have wants and needs,
but what about our brother?
Have you discovered his estate?
(But dare you even check?)
Discover then the wealth you have
if you behold a wreck?

Surely, there is always someone

worse off than ourselves.
But just how often, our compassion,
into such things, delves?
A much more grateful mass we be
by caring more and more;
and, in doing such, has He,
so much more wealth, in store!

I have problems.  You have problems.  We all lack something(s) in our lives.  BUT GOD sees to it that them that love Him and follow His lead have those needs met in one way or another.

Can you look back and see where He has provided for you somehow today?

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