Thursday, June 20, 2019


All the glorious sights, sounds and scents that God's creation is!  How many of us take such for granted, (or flat ignore it,) as we attempt to accomplish our agendas?
Worse, so glorious and wonderful are the people in and about our lives...did we even take note of them today as we hurried through?

"I watched you as you saw to your success;

I desired you, but you desire 'excess;'
you passed me as you rushed to make that date;
is there anything that will adjust your gait?"

So rife to our be daily path

with those who need His touch.
We are without excuse, as we
possess so very much!
A smile...a word...a helping hand...
even contact with the eyes...
so needed and affordable--
when will we realize?!

Love that is intentional

takes place when we decide;
but love that's 'unintentional'
is needed just as wide!
And not just are the 'loveable'
deserving of that grace!  
We must reach out but everywhere
so ALL can see His face!

Yes, you are busy.  WE are busy.  We have schedules...deadlines... appointments.  But none of those outweigh the calling that Jesus has placed upon each of us!  

Be available for His use at all times.  You never know who is watching you...or needful of what God has blessed us with!

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