Sunday, June 30, 2019


A long and busy week behind.  A very warm and busy week ahead.  But there is a precious oasis that is available right now.  Are you aware of it?

Early in the evening and,

the shadows, they are long;
the setting sun illuminates
and nature sings a song!
An eerie quiet to accompany
as labors cease;
and, in the glory of this splendor
God dispenses peace!
HIS peace--it is like nothing else
that this life may provide;
it is a 'thing' allowing 
anyone to so abide!
Regardless who are you, or even
what you may have done,
He offers perfect peace through 
Jesus Christ--His Perfect Son!
No greater to accompany
in such a quiet place
away from constant 'day-to-day,'
and sheltered from 'the race'
that this world has become so known for;
won't YOU join Him here?
For He will help you find that balance
for which many persevere!

Evening.  The end of June.  A brief respite from the heat and the hustle...and the Presence of Jesus is here.  Wherever you are, whatever time of day or season it is, this perfect place is availed from God because He loves us that much!  Don't ever forget to enjoy it, and NEVER take it for granted!


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