Sunday, June 30, 2019


A long and busy week behind.  A very warm and busy week ahead.  But there is a precious oasis that is available right now.  Are you aware of it?

Early in the evening and,

the shadows, they are long;
the setting sun illuminates
and nature sings a song!
An eerie quiet to accompany
as labors cease;
and, in the glory of this splendor
God dispenses peace!
HIS peace--it is like nothing else
that this life may provide;
it is a 'thing' allowing 
anyone to so abide!
Regardless who are you, or even
what you may have done,
He offers perfect peace through 
Jesus Christ--His Perfect Son!
No greater to accompany
in such a quiet place
away from constant 'day-to-day,'
and sheltered from 'the race'
that this world has become so known for;
won't YOU join Him here?
For He will help you find that balance
for which many persevere!

Evening.  The end of June.  A brief respite from the heat and the hustle...and the Presence of Jesus is here.  Wherever you are, whatever time of day or season it is, this perfect place is availed from God because He loves us that much!  Don't ever forget to enjoy it, and NEVER take it for granted!


Friday, June 28, 2019


Busy, busy, busy.  This life is more than happy to keep you going and never stop.  God, however, has a much different plan for you.  Which one are you going to choose...

So many the distractions--

the good, the bad--so real.
The enemy will do his best,
God's goodness to conceal!
Tasks and duties, obligations,
o so real each day;
the very same can be allowed
to keep us from The Way!
But Jesus--He gives balance
if we allow Him to;
if we will focus on His will
and not another view
He will cause success to be
in spite of everything;
focus on the utmost is
what Jesus Christ can bring!

Life--it does not notice you
as it continues on;
should we get caught up in the same,
too soon, it will be gone!
But living with intention, paying
heed to God Most High,
that same time will be fulfilled,
and victory be nigh!

Being distracted.  In the busy world that we must live in, it is so easy to do.  BUT GOD provides focus as we call upon Him and follow Holy Spirit's lead.
Is there anything in this life that is hindering you from living purposefully?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Life.  It never stops.  Most of the time it moves at a speed that you cannot keep up with.  But there is One that you can have in your life that will escort you through it.  Do you know Him yet?

"When I'm lonely and there's no one You are there;
regardless what I want to say, You care;
though no one may be listening I'm heard,
and You always answer--even if one word.

In the wilderness, the isolation,

You reaffirm to me our relation;
You know about and care about my all;
You're even right there with me when I fall.

Jesus--You assure to my success.

Not as the world does, but You greatly bless
by staying right by my side each day I live
providing what this living cannot give!"

Jesus Christ, alive inside my life, my self, my soul.  And very active in my every moment!  He is also available to you!  Ask Him to be your Savior and be born again.  There is no greater decision you will ever make!


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Of Greatest Worth!

Yes, that relationship we get with God through His Son Jesus.  Though life has its ups and downs, God remains stable.  And He offers you such stability, too...

"No matter how I'm feeling, Father,

You remain the same.
Nothing else inside this life
can make so rich a claim!
You are so dependable, yes,
Lord, You're always there;
regardless what I'm going through,
Your arms know what to share!
And even when I can't explain
or do not have the word,
I feel about me Your embrace
and, Your voice, it is heard!
You know exactly how to touch me
and what words to say
as You assure, unto my heart,
that You have been this way!

What blest assurance, Father, in
the faithfulness You are!
Your love, Your voice, Your healing-
it is never from afar!
And I know restoration that is
found no other place
as You have me in Your arms
and I look into Your face!"

A personal relationship with God Most High through His Son Jesus.  There is no greater relationship one can have or even know! 
Know that relationship for yourself, my friend.  YOU NEED HIM!

Sunday, June 23, 2019


The telephone rings again.  I don't recognize the number.  However, upon hearing the voice at the other end, years of emotions and memories come flooding back!

How fortunate are we to have

a "family" to share!
They may not be 'relatives,' but
we KNOW they always care!
We got the call just yesterday
and met this afternoon;
God--He had this all planned out;
and time--it ends too soon!

But grateful is this man for those

sweet hours spent together!
The sun shone bright there at that table
in spite of the weather!
Distance--it was not an issue,
and time, it disappeared
as we conversed and supped once more--
a moment so revered!

So treasure time with those you love;
appointments God-arranged.
Know that hearts and lives, by such,
they are forever changed!
Never take for granted those
who dwell inside the heart;
and don't just call them, VISIT THEM!
It is a dying art!

Yes, in our high-tech world we have so many ways to keep in touch, but NOTHING can replace being together in one place with the ones you love...even if it is simply conversing around a table.
Thank you, David and Nathan, today was most memorable!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

That simple squirrel!

Once again, captured by simplicity.  Caused to pause in a complicated world to behold something so simple, so wonderful that I am led to praise my Creator:

Just outside the window,
upon the wooden rail,
a squirrel consumes the gatherings
from yesterevening's pail.
He's unaware he entertains
a person with a pen;
oblivious is he of me
or any other men.
Before the dogs catch sight of him
I give thanks unto God.
His handiwork is ever-rife,
and such do I applaud!
A sight so very simple,
a moment so profound.
Look about YOUR world and know
such wonders to abound!

God is so good.  He affords this writer so many opportunities to see the moving of His hand!  Do YOU recognize such throughout your day?  I promise you, His Presence exists there!

Friday, June 21, 2019

The Necessary Place

Driving along after a very busy day.  Rounding the bend, Holy Spirit causes me to see something and pull over...

A mirror is upon the placid lake;

with not a whisper to produce a wake
each detail of the mountains and the sky
duplicates as evening is nigh.
And the noises that would, here, abound,
only two or three are even found!
Take it in and savor perfect peace--
everything of earlier release.
For in His wisdom God has made this place
as an escape, so briefly, from the race
to be with Him--to give and to receive;
it be a place one never wants to leave!
So savor this location while you can.
Tasks await, according to His plan.
But, even there, His Presence changes not:
as, in His palm, our very lives, He's got!
Yes, 'life' will happen everywhere we go.
Sometimes, it cares not what it will bestow.
BUT GOD, He knows of it and He's prepared!
Trust in Him.  Enjoy Him.  Don't be scared!

This beautiful lake at the foot of those mountains.  God knew that I would need to see something like this after the day that I have had.  And He knows exactly what YOU are going to need after the day that YOU have had.  Do you trust that He is aware of it all?  You can.

Thursday, June 20, 2019


All the glorious sights, sounds and scents that God's creation is!  How many of us take such for granted, (or flat ignore it,) as we attempt to accomplish our agendas?
Worse, so glorious and wonderful are the people in and about our lives...did we even take note of them today as we hurried through?

"I watched you as you saw to your success;

I desired you, but you desire 'excess;'
you passed me as you rushed to make that date;
is there anything that will adjust your gait?"

So rife to our be daily path

with those who need His touch.
We are without excuse, as we
possess so very much!
A smile...a word...a helping hand...
even contact with the eyes...
so needed and affordable--
when will we realize?!

Love that is intentional

takes place when we decide;
but love that's 'unintentional'
is needed just as wide!
And not just are the 'loveable'
deserving of that grace!  
We must reach out but everywhere
so ALL can see His face!

Yes, you are busy.  WE are busy.  We have schedules...deadlines... appointments.  But none of those outweigh the calling that Jesus has placed upon each of us!  

Be available for His use at all times.  You never know who is watching you...or needful of what God has blessed us with!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Day-to-day life has its ups and downs.  Even those who have the same thing to do over and over each day experience this.  Some call it ritual.  Some call it a ‘rut.’  Yet even those have their ups and downs.  And no matter how this life treats you, there is One Who has a quite different view of you…

“No matter what the world thinks,

You’re beautiful to Me!

Regardless how they feel, My child,

They can’t see what I see!

Even if you feel that way

About yourself, it’s true

You are the apple of My eye,

And you have great value!

For you have such worth unto Me

I give my very Son!

Regardless of what others think,

regardless what you’ve done,

I treasure you and. To the ends

Of earth, I’ll surely go

Just to be a part of your life,

That, my love, you’ll know!

So pay no heed to them that taunt you,

You belong to me!

I give My Word—for therein lies

The truth of what I see

When I look upon you: it’s

A picture of My love!

Press on, My child, I am with You,

And you reside above!”

Ahh, what precious assurances we have from One Whose love is perfect!  Do YOU know that love yet?  All you have to do is ask.  Trust me, you are far more valuable than you think!

Monday, June 17, 2019

His Various Days!

The wondrous beauty of a late Spring day!  Made even more spectacular when you know Who made it and have a personal relationship with Him!

"You cause the sky above be filled

with such variety...
For in the calm before the storm
such beauty is to be!
Even those upon the wing
sing of the day You've made;
I listen to their medley as
I take in every shade.
And their song--it be unto You:
God--most high Creator!
I marvel and I fret not of
what weather may come later;
for You are here, and I enjoy
our fellowship once more!
Whatever storm, You cause this man,
above it all, to soar!

Salt and pepper be the sky,

with colors on the land!
One must only look around
to see Your mighty hand!
And one must only look within
to see Your life alive--
a blessed day, so late in Spring,
and, in You, we so thrive!"

God is so good!  No matter what we did/are/will go through, His reality changes not, and His love is greater than anything, and He desires to be with you through it.  Yes, even the storms!


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Father's Day, 2019

"Daddy..." ahh, the memories amass!
For not a single day would come to pass
when he is not inside my thoughts and heart:
a smile, a laugh or a tear to impart.
So very fortunate this man has been
to be raised by one of the finest men!
He loved...he cared...he worked...he took the time--
the level of such pride again to climb!

Daddy-in this life he is no more.
But in my heart and on that yonder shore
his presence, oh so vividly, is known;
and I know that many others, they have grown
by my daddy being somewhere in their lives!
And, when That Trumpet finally arrives,
so many--they will recognize that man
who ALWAYS seemed to come up with a plan!

Yes, daddy always came up with a plan for whatever anyone brought to him.  At the church, in the Navy, in the Civil Service, on a construction site or in our home, dad could figure out and fix about anything...even if it was as minute as constructing a missing wheel to one of my Hot Wheels, daddy could do it!

And he could also fix 'things' that money could not buy: like making time for someone who needed being a 'dad' to someone who didn't know what a true 'dad' was like!
On this Father's Day, make sure the 'father figures' in your own life receive due recognition.  I was very blessed to have one with my own genes, too many others do not.

Friday, June 14, 2019


Time passes.  Life passes.  People pass.  What about the impact those people have had on you?  Are you impacting anyone...

How precious and so valuable,

how priceless be a 'friend!'
One you know who will stand with you
to the very end;
the very same--so hard to come by
in the days that are;
when you obtain one value them,
and let them not get far!

Why is it that we have so few

that we KNOW will be there
and can count on, matter not
what happens when or where?
So faithful be that one that loves
regardless of the pain,
the color of the past or present,
or the scar or stain!

Yea, blest are we to have those faithful

that are in this life
who stand beside us through success
AND through every strife!
Thank God daily for those gifts
that He creates called 'friends;'
and be ye even one yourself--
you know not what depends!

A teacher told us many years ago how fortunate we would be if, after we have lived as many decades as we have, we could look back and count even ten people that we could call true 'friends.'  Of course, being a 5th grader, most of us laughed that off.  However, as the years amass, the truth of what that teacher said becomes more and more real.

Have you that many TRUE friends?  Are you that friend to someone?  You are VERY crucial to someone in this life...maybe quite a few?

Thursday, June 13, 2019

None Like Jesus!

No, not in this life or any other life is there one like Jesus Christ--THE Son of God.  And He desires you...even you!

"Jesus, Jesus, Lord and Master,

there is none like You!
You take me to the Holy Place
and show me all things new!
You speak to me that I can share,
(conversing or in verse,)
truths and wonders, messages
that no man may rehearse!

The very wonder that You are--
but who could understand?!
The sights and sounds that You create,
Lord, all across the land!
The promises You make to us
of that which is not yet...
Your goodness and Your kindness, Lord,
I never shall forget!

But here am I--so use this man
however, Lord, You must,
that many others see Your wonder
and commit their trust
in Who You are: THE Son of God
and Savior of the soul!
Jesus, Jesus, none like You--
You make completely whole!"

Be saved today!  Life is so different, so complete, so much better with Him inside Your heart!  He already knows you completely, and He STILL desires that you know Him!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

God, so Faithful!

It is so wonderful to have at least ONE thing in this life that you can ALWAYS depend on.  Have you found out what that is in your own life yet?

"Your Faithfulness--it is a constancy;

and there is not a place I'd rather be
than in the center of that certain flow
that Your beloved, we have come to know!
O God, this life--it has its ups and downs.
Some days are smiles.  Other days are frowns;
but there is a consistency in You
that carries each of us the whole day through!

You are so faithful.  That cannot be changed.

Even when OUR day gets rearranged,
You are right there with us making sure
we have the tools that cause us to endure!
No provision be there--none as great
as Your favor, thus we celebrate
the glory and the wonder that You are--
High King of Heaven...and yet never far!

Faithful God.  Unto You we retreat,

and You receive us...even when we're beat!
Restoring us with what this world has not;
yes, life and breath and power You have got!
And the same You give us as we ask--
it matters not the size of any task,
nor to matter from whence we have come,
You are FAITHFUL GOD to all, and not just some!"

Yes, faithful God.  He is the reason you are reading these words tonight.  The past two days have been painful, BUT GOD carried me through them in order for me to testify of His goodness through these words.  I pray that even YOU know His great faithfulness!


Sunday, June 9, 2019

Constant Flow

At the river once again.  Enjoying the wonders of His creation, and being amazed by His complexities...

The Living thing--so massive,
so silent and so calm;
being with it so becomes
a wondrous, soothing balm!
The very same, in other places,
is destroying much;
how does one the n appreciate
appropriately such?

The River--I appreciate,
I bask in and enjoy.
Unfortunately, miles away,
it would steal, kill and destroy!
The puzzles in this life, they are
in many situations;
the only question: have you made
the proper preparations?

So beautiful and graceful;
the same, so crude and cruel.
In all of life, so similar
would be such ancient duel!

The same river that we are enjoying: swimming in and fishing, the same river, in other places, is ripping peoples' lives apart.
God's Word tells us that, in all of life, we must take the bad with the good, and trust that He is in complete control.  Let us do so, however, with a heart of gratitude and compassion so that we can minister the way He wants us to.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Late Appreciation

One day late.  Sorry.
So many things were going on yesterday that this writer did not send out the right message.  Or did I?  Anyway, these words are for all those brave men and women whose actions we commemorate regarding D-Day.

"We jumped out of perfect planes
moving through the sky;
We had but just two choices:
either jump or die!
The barrage--for it was heavy,
the tracers did not end;
the lifeless bodies when I landed--
so many foe and friend!

We had a covert mission
so many to include.
I, so young and so naïve,
did not expect the crude!
They drilled it into us before,
but that was "just a drill;"
I expected casualties,
but millions they to kill?

We went there on a mission,
by willingness or by force;
we did the things we had to do;
most of us stayed the course.
They hailed us as "heroes;
such moniker?  We'll see.
We did all we could do on that day
simply known as 'D.'

You saw the scenes in black and white
but we saw blue and red.
"Heroes" may mean heroes now,
but most have gone on ahead."

Late.  But not forgotten.  Gone.  But NOT unappreciated!  Thank you from our hearts to all of the HEROES that were involved in the fateful day, June 6, 1944.  God bless you for your service, and God rest your comrades in arms.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Just 'Feelings?'

Emotions.  Are they running higher as we advance, or does it just "feel" that way?  With so many diverse ways of communication these days, do we get more 'emotional' more often?  And how do we handle that?

"Back to the 'stability'

availed in only You.
You have what we require, Lord,
no matter what people do.
The world and the situations
that we face each day--
none be strong or severe enough
to pull our hearts away.
They pull at our emotions, yes,
but, Lord, You are above!
none can trump Your love!
And Your love be that rein upon us
that maintains control--
submitted to You fully, Lord,
we shall stay strong and whole!

The world--it gets more intense

with every day to pass.
And we know You are well aware
of the entire mass!
BUT GOD, as we depend upon You
for to lead and guide,
You will stabilize us 'til
we reach the Other Side!"

Life.  More intense.  More complicated with each moment that passes.  But stay the course with Jesus as your Guide and Savior and victory WILL BE matter what life does!


Wednesday, June 5, 2019


The White River.  So beautiful.  So peaceful.  Coming here I am never alone, (even though there is no one else for miles!)

Walking next to me
by currents, wild and free,
the Lord and I converse
beyond confines of "verse."
There be so much to learn,
and much more to discern
in such precious fellowship--
each emotion would He grip!

The splendor and majesty,
the blest simplicity
this time would so contain--
none other could explain!
And time--would it not cease,
and stresses all release
when he is with this man?
But constantly it can!

So make time to enjoy

where nothing may annoy.
It is necessary so
for anyone to grow!
Even here, along the banks
while echoing my thanks
to THE Creator God
Who made this precious sod!

The river may be mighty and powerful, but right here it is beautiful and peaceful.  Such places as these and times with Him are to be treasured, enjoyed and not neglected!  Wherever you may be, there is a time and place to savor the Presence of God...each and every day.  Do not neglect that opportunity.


Monday, June 3, 2019

Beyond the Pricetag

Pressing on. matter the cost.  In doing such, we will soon be carrying out His will without even counting the cost.
Are we there yet?

With gratitude and thankful heart

each moment must we live;
there is so very, very much,
unto each one to give!
And given by The One Who owns
and governs everything--
can YOU live such a grateful state
with what this life would bring?

The same, but it is possible

when living for another!
Surely we have wants and needs,
but what about our brother?
Have you discovered his estate?
(But dare you even check?)
Discover then the wealth you have
if you behold a wreck?

Surely, there is always someone

worse off than ourselves.
But just how often, our compassion,
into such things, delves?
A much more grateful mass we be
by caring more and more;
and, in doing such, has He,
so much more wealth, in store!

I have problems.  You have problems.  We all lack something(s) in our lives.  BUT GOD sees to it that them that love Him and follow His lead have those needs met in one way or another.

Can you look back and see where He has provided for you somehow today?