Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Your Abundance!

Have you come to know the abundance of goodness that Jesus is?

"I taste of Your abundance, Lord,
Your goodness and Your grace.
The very same enables me,
all things in life, to face!
I know I'll be victorious
because You are alive!
I know that, as I keep on moving,
You'll make me arrive!

Oh Lord, YOU are The Victory
that takes me through each day
though there's a multiplicity
that offers me a way;
but God, I will follow Your lead
as the moments pass,
and You will see to my success
regardless of the mass!

I taste of Your abundance--it is
like no other known!
I give myself to You in whole,
and You call me Your own!
Success--it is my destiny
though path may be diverse;
oh Lord, You are my only lord
in living and in verse!"

VICTORY IN JESUS!  It is more than 'just a song,' it is a way of life that cannot fail!  Know Him and you will know the victory, the abundance and so much more that this world just cannot provide...or even understand!

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