Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Peace HE IS!

So much going on in our lives. So much happening around us. It is such a relief to know that Peace is available.
Do YOU know Him?

Peace--more than a feeling,...
more than a state of mind;
perfect Peace, He is a man
that is not hard to find!
And He will never leave you,
abandon you nor flee;
Peace--His Name is Jesus Christ,
He is eternity!

He is so foreign to a world
whose pace continues gain;
yet, to have Him in your life,
it takes a step so plain!
Submit to Him, give Him your heart
and He will guard you ever;
allow Him access to yourself
and He will leave you never!

Peace--His Name is Jesus--
He loves you more than you know!
Don't let the trials of the day
cause your heart not to grow!

Grow into the peace of life that Jesus alone provides. He will carry you through any and all of this life's situations, and supply and endless song along the way!

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