Friday, May 10, 2019


The Big City.  I'm not used to this.  It is so foreign when you come from a small town.  Do I retract and hide, therefore, until I can return to that small, familiar place?

How busy be the city--
a living, breathing being!
There is so very, very little
that we're actually seeing.
But God--He sees and knows it all,
even when we cannot;
He looks at me and says "Relax.
My son, this I have got!"

Regardless of activity,

it's at the speed of life!
And as we go about, we go
from ecstasy to strife.
But put one foot before the other,
following His lead
and He will guarantee that,
in HIS eyes, we each succeed!

Living at the speed of life,

in city or beyond,
live life knowing that, of you,
the Lord--He is so fond!
The busyness of business or
the pastoral of pace,
God--He is above it all
and endless be His grace!

So vast are the environments that we all exist in.  However, God is THE constant in every one of them!  Trust Him to lead each of your steps whichever way you are going, and you will truly enjoy success! 


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