Saturday, May 25, 2019

Memorial Day, 2019

Once again, setting time and heart aside for those who gave all for this great nation.  We are so blessed to be able to enjoy what we have.  We do so by the grace of God, and the sacrifice dedicated people!

Though varied be the theatre,
the outcome was the same;
those gone on before us
into battle, without shame!
The many that did not return--
this honor it is for;
a 'holiday' do we observe,
but we esteem them more!
Heartfelt thanks and gratitude
to all that dare to serve;
knowing that such fate may be,
refuse, did they, to swerve!
Our hearts unto their families, too,
with our appreciation;
because they did what must be done
we have celebration!

One day upon a calendar--
but each day, in the heart,
each member of the military
has a special part!
May our honor for them match
their honor for this nation!
And may each and every one of them
know our appreciation!

We have the freedom to celebrate this weekend because of the efforts and sacrifices of others before us and those in service right now.  May we NEVER lose sight of that!

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