Monday, May 20, 2019

Keep The Song!

The world is full of so many things that attract us or distract us.  Unfortunately, such attempts are even made when we are in His very Presence.  STAND FIRM!

"I sing into Your Presence, Father,
with a grateful heart!
I will allow no thing of this life
to keep us apart!
For You are holy...You are worthy...
You are wonderful!
The benefits of praising You--
they are so bountiful!

O God, no person, place or thing
is greater than You are!
If I allow such in my life
it will take me afar!
But I must make an effort, Lord,
to keep You as The Head
as there be so much less attempting
to replace Your stead!

BUT GOD, I will let nothing come
between my heart and You!
Regardless of what man may think,
despite the world's view,
You are the greatest, most important
Being that I know!
Therefore, I sing of only You, Lord,
as I onward go!

O God, You ARE The Song!
Unto You I belong!
No other melody
shall be inside of me!"

Make sure YOU put God first in your life and in everything you do.  I promise you will know success as you make Him first in your life!

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