Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Open your eyes.  Look around.  There is so much beauty and wonder right before our very eyes!  How many of us MAKE the time to take note of that?

So green--the vast creation!

So lush--the rolling hills!
Possible to gauge the view
as HE provides the thrills?
But such to be no matter as
I watch His moving hand
before, beside and all around
in this fertile land!

So blessed be this writer so

receiving endless flow
of words and phrases from His heart--
o more of grace to know!
In the cool of even, as
He walks along with me,
causing mine own eyes, His very
wonderments, to see!

And green the vast creation--

the hills...the fields...beyond...
even trees of vast variety,
His touch, have donned!
O give Him glory!  He is Maker
of the vast creation;
and lose not wonder that, with US,
He wants such close relation!

I am constantly amazed: God has everything that He could ever want or imagine, yet He still wants an intimate relationship with US--you and I!

Are you going to allow Him that opportunity?

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