Friday, May 31, 2019


Love.  Jesus Christ.  One cannot be known without the other! 
Whatever your vision or understanding is about The Lord, it MUST come with the understanding that He loves You so much that He gives His very life for you!
Can you wrap your mind around that?

"O who could fathom such a love
as that which You so gives?!
And given freely unto any
that, in this life, live!
My Lord and Master, there be none
to love me like you do;
nor any understanding better
than I get from You!

Father God, the love that You
possess and freely give--
it is essential unto anyone
that wants to live!
Life--it is availed in the
affection You provide!
There be no better way that this man
knows how to abide!
And not just merely to 'abide,'
but prosper and excel!
Life abundant be for them
that know Your love so well!
O Father, that ALL men would know
Your grace and Your affection!
Mercy--it is yet availed
that we can make connection!"

Know Jesus.  Know love.  Know life to its THIS place and beyond!  So simple for some, so difficult for others, yet always available.
Jesus Christ is Love!

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