Thursday, May 9, 2019

His Glorious Spring!

And the morning clouds have dissipated to reveal the glory of the blossoms and the green!  God is so good!  And He is to be worshipped far and above the works of His hands!

"You are the One Who so amazes me!
You speak--and wondrous wonders come to be!
You give command and, life, it comes about!
Even in silence, Your great creations shout!
But silence is not on this glory day:
the song of birds is sweetly on display!
Even the trees that gently weave and sway,
Your colors and variety convey!

You are The One Who so amazes me,
Lord, in the seasons of this life that be
You are so evident and oh so real!
Such majesty and glory none may conceal!"

Before you get in the car...walk into work...or settle into any 'ritual,' look around and listen to the evidence that He has places in and all about your day.  Let His reality affect you!

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