Sunday, May 12, 2019

HER celebration!

Mother's Day, 2019. 
A day that has my own mother only in memory, but a day that has another very special mother upon and inside my heart...

Time to celebrate a special woman,
(though there be so many of them that I know!)
Mother's Day--and mine deserves such honor;
but mine, into His Paradise, did go!
The one deserving accolades yet once more
is the one who is beside me every day:
my lovely wife--the decades now behind us--
yet still, such love and honor would I convey!

In so many areas amazing!
She loves me.  She takes care of me.  She prays!
For I am a success due her devotion.
How does she love me?  But can I count the ways?
She completes me.  She finishes what I cannot;
She goes behind and straightens out the mess...
God created such a gift within her;
somehow, seeing fit, my life, to bless!

"My love, I honor you today and each day,
giving thanks to God Most high alone
knowing that I can do nothing daily
without your love and "woman's touch" be known!

The mother of my children...
the lover of my life...
I am the richest man alive
to proclaim 'you are my wife!'"

Approaching 40 years now, and she still remains happy and satisfied with the man that I am.  2/3 of living this life with her has made me the success that I am, and no gift, no words or no promises can be enough to express my gratitude to God and to Debby Busby for the blessings that I know!
Happy Mother's Day, Honey!

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