Thursday, May 30, 2019

Fully Aware!

Life.  Once again.  And it’s painful!  It seems that it cares not how deep, shallow or hollow the wound is.  Life just seems to inflict what it may to whomever, whenever, wherever.
The is One, however, Who does care, and He has your life in the palm of His hand.  He only wants good for you, and a little recognition from you.  Do you know Him?

“You hold me in Your very palm—
secure from every harm;
You’re right beside me through the storm,
no matter the alarm!
Even when the pain occurs
You don’t let go of me;
of the unfairness
You take note of, and You see!
So if You are aware of it
why should I trust in You?!
You could prevent injustices
wrongs that people do;
but you assure my very heart
that such won’t ALWAYS be;
thus there is a peace that passes
all inside of me!

Your peace—it is so comforting,
so healing and so real!
For there is NOTHING in this life
hat someone may conceal
that You are not aware of and
will be dealt with by You.
THAT is why, my Lord and God,
I put all trust in You!”

Life is sometimes unfair.  But it is still good!  And the One to Whom you belong is good, as well.  Keep living.  Keep trusting.  Keep serving Him Who has promised to make all things right IN HIS TIME!

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