Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Don't forget to ENJOY!

Once again, busy...busy...busy.  Back at the grind because we know that there is money to be made and bills to be paid.  But is that ALL there is to this life?
I don't think so.
And God doesn't think so, either!

Away from that which one calls "everyday;"
doing something new...something different...some fun way!
There is so much that is 'necessary' so,
but, away from such, we MUST make time to go!
I KNOW that if we do our best each day
at that which He has purposed on the way,
He will provide ample opportunity
to enjoy this life, have fun and, 'youngsters,' be!

Yes, there is a mighty calling upon us each
to labor in this life and, for Him, reach.
But He also expects us to enjoy the way,
lest we become mere 'existors' with no sway!
So do that to which you're called with all your might!
But make that time to, with the Lord, delight!
For He purposed a certain 'balance' for every man
who submits to Him and carries out His Plan!

Yes, there is much to be done in the days that are remaining.  There is someone to reach out to at every turn.  But there is also a lot to be enjoyed THAT HE CREATED!
Don't forget to get your share of it!

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