Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Yes, that's what Jesus brings into your life as You ask Him to be Your Savior.  Don't let anything of this world lie to you and hinder you from doing so!

"If I trip, Your hand is there to catch me,

seeing that my journey is kept strong...
If I fall, You are right there to raise me--
showing that, unto You, I belong...
when my strength would falter on assignment,
You give me Your own so I succeed...
Jesus, Lord and Everything unto me,
You have everything to intercede!

My trust in You, Lord, it is without question;
You prove Yourself more times than I can count!
And there is not a single thing in this life
to hinder me from trusting in That Fount!
For You are all I need or could desire;
and that truth--it shall ever know an end!
In this life and in that life awaiting
You are and will be Savior...Lover...Friend!"

I've seen enough of this life to know how real and rich Jesus is, and just how truly poor this man would be without Him!  Try Him and trust Him for your own life.  You will be all the richer, and you will NEVER regret becoming His Own!

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