Thursday, May 23, 2019

Beautiful Constancy!

That's what you can expect from God once you ask Jesus into your heart.  Don't let anything or anyone hold you back!

"We worship You, Almighty God,
so real!
The situations of this life,
for they cannot conceal
the glory of Your Majesty,
Your goodness and Your grace!
And not another may, o God,
Your Eminence, replace!

We worship and exalt You and
it causes us to rise!
Every situation, God,
Your mightiness defies!
You are so great You would enable
every man to know!
Father, You are loving, kind
and generous to bestow!

There is none like You--for You
and everywhere...and here
for all who press on through the fray,
Your love to persevere!
We will NEVER cease to praise You
in this life or ever;
and Your glory, oh my God,
it shall diminish never!!"

Yes, this life has its ups and downs.  Each day has its ups and downs.  God does not!  He is ALWAYS dependable, loving, generous and merciful!  Depend upon Him today for not just your needs and wants, but for His awesome constant Presence in your own life!  He will NEVER let you down or disappoint you!

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