Friday, May 17, 2019


Who cares?  Another person lies sleeping in an alley as we drive to work or from work to our modest accommodations. 
Who cares?

"You saw me on the corner as

you passed the other day...
you didn't have the time or desire
for what I had to say...
you didn't notice that I thirsted
or I wanted food;
you had so much on your agenda
that you ignored the crude.
And now, dressed in your Sunday best
you hurry on your way
to a place that you learn about me,
and, for me, you'll pray.
But prayer is merely empty words
when absent from the deed;
you celebrate in service while
I'm out here with a need.
"But leave it to the Pastor.  It is
his 'job' after all..."
But when it comes to 'reaching out'
each person has The Call!
You'll pass me one more time today
when service comes to end;
will you just continue home
or will you stop and be a friend?"

You know that street or alley I am talking about.  You know 'that part of town.'  Are you just going to listen to the sermon, or are you actually going to live out the words that are yet so alive:
"What you do for the least of these, you also do for Me."

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