Friday, May 31, 2019


Love.  Jesus Christ.  One cannot be known without the other! 
Whatever your vision or understanding is about The Lord, it MUST come with the understanding that He loves You so much that He gives His very life for you!
Can you wrap your mind around that?

"O who could fathom such a love
as that which You so gives?!
And given freely unto any
that, in this life, live!
My Lord and Master, there be none
to love me like you do;
nor any understanding better
than I get from You!

Father God, the love that You
possess and freely give--
it is essential unto anyone
that wants to live!
Life--it is availed in the
affection You provide!
There be no better way that this man
knows how to abide!
And not just merely to 'abide,'
but prosper and excel!
Life abundant be for them
that know Your love so well!
O Father, that ALL men would know
Your grace and Your affection!
Mercy--it is yet availed
that we can make connection!"

Know Jesus.  Know love.  Know life to its THIS place and beyond!  So simple for some, so difficult for others, yet always available.
Jesus Christ is Love!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Fully Aware!

Life.  Once again.  And it’s painful!  It seems that it cares not how deep, shallow or hollow the wound is.  Life just seems to inflict what it may to whomever, whenever, wherever.
The is One, however, Who does care, and He has your life in the palm of His hand.  He only wants good for you, and a little recognition from you.  Do you know Him?

“You hold me in Your very palm—
secure from every harm;
You’re right beside me through the storm,
no matter the alarm!
Even when the pain occurs
You don’t let go of me;
of the unfairness
You take note of, and You see!
So if You are aware of it
why should I trust in You?!
You could prevent injustices
wrongs that people do;
but you assure my very heart
that such won’t ALWAYS be;
thus there is a peace that passes
all inside of me!

Your peace—it is so comforting,
so healing and so real!
For there is NOTHING in this life
hat someone may conceal
that You are not aware of and
will be dealt with by You.
THAT is why, my Lord and God,
I put all trust in You!”

Life is sometimes unfair.  But it is still good!  And the One to Whom you belong is good, as well.  Keep living.  Keep trusting.  Keep serving Him Who has promised to make all things right IN HIS TIME!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Peace HE IS!

So much going on in our lives. So much happening around us. It is such a relief to know that Peace is available.
Do YOU know Him?

Peace--more than a feeling,...
more than a state of mind;
perfect Peace, He is a man
that is not hard to find!
And He will never leave you,
abandon you nor flee;
Peace--His Name is Jesus Christ,
He is eternity!

He is so foreign to a world
whose pace continues gain;
yet, to have Him in your life,
it takes a step so plain!
Submit to Him, give Him your heart
and He will guard you ever;
allow Him access to yourself
and He will leave you never!

Peace--His Name is Jesus--
He loves you more than you know!
Don't let the trials of the day
cause your heart not to grow!

Grow into the peace of life that Jesus alone provides. He will carry you through any and all of this life's situations, and supply and endless song along the way!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Remembrance

Another glorious day for us to savor, enjoy and do anything we want...only because of those so very many able men and women gave their all...

In memory of service
to country and to God,
we set this day aside to honor
those now in the sod.
Their locations as diverse
as those who served us well;
it's our responsibility,
their honor, for to tell!

So pause we for a moment

to reflect, to celebrate.
gatherings for those so great
as to sacrifice their lives
for this land in which we live;
they're held in heart as we thank God
for the freedom He does give!

Yes, another Memorial Day, and we are so blessed to live in America!  Remember to thank God for such as you gather with the ones you love!


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Memorial Day, 2019

Once again, setting time and heart aside for those who gave all for this great nation.  We are so blessed to be able to enjoy what we have.  We do so by the grace of God, and the sacrifice dedicated people!

Though varied be the theatre,
the outcome was the same;
those gone on before us
into battle, without shame!
The many that did not return--
this honor it is for;
a 'holiday' do we observe,
but we esteem them more!
Heartfelt thanks and gratitude
to all that dare to serve;
knowing that such fate may be,
refuse, did they, to swerve!
Our hearts unto their families, too,
with our appreciation;
because they did what must be done
we have celebration!

One day upon a calendar--
but each day, in the heart,
each member of the military
has a special part!
May our honor for them match
their honor for this nation!
And may each and every one of them
know our appreciation!

We have the freedom to celebrate this weekend because of the efforts and sacrifices of others before us and those in service right now.  May we NEVER lose sight of that!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Beautiful Constancy!

That's what you can expect from God once you ask Jesus into your heart.  Don't let anything or anyone hold you back!

"We worship You, Almighty God,
so real!
The situations of this life,
for they cannot conceal
the glory of Your Majesty,
Your goodness and Your grace!
And not another may, o God,
Your Eminence, replace!

We worship and exalt You and
it causes us to rise!
Every situation, God,
Your mightiness defies!
You are so great You would enable
every man to know!
Father, You are loving, kind
and generous to bestow!

There is none like You--for You
and everywhere...and here
for all who press on through the fray,
Your love to persevere!
We will NEVER cease to praise You
in this life or ever;
and Your glory, oh my God,
it shall diminish never!!"

Yes, this life has its ups and downs.  Each day has its ups and downs.  God does not!  He is ALWAYS dependable, loving, generous and merciful!  Depend upon Him today for not just your needs and wants, but for His awesome constant Presence in your own life!  He will NEVER let you down or disappoint you!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Your Abundance!

Have you come to know the abundance of goodness that Jesus is?

"I taste of Your abundance, Lord,
Your goodness and Your grace.
The very same enables me,
all things in life, to face!
I know I'll be victorious
because You are alive!
I know that, as I keep on moving,
You'll make me arrive!

Oh Lord, YOU are The Victory
that takes me through each day
though there's a multiplicity
that offers me a way;
but God, I will follow Your lead
as the moments pass,
and You will see to my success
regardless of the mass!

I taste of Your abundance--it is
like no other known!
I give myself to You in whole,
and You call me Your own!
Success--it is my destiny
though path may be diverse;
oh Lord, You are my only lord
in living and in verse!"

VICTORY IN JESUS!  It is more than 'just a song,' it is a way of life that cannot fail!  Know Him and you will know the victory, the abundance and so much more that this world just cannot provide...or even understand!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Keep The Song!

The world is full of so many things that attract us or distract us.  Unfortunately, such attempts are even made when we are in His very Presence.  STAND FIRM!

"I sing into Your Presence, Father,
with a grateful heart!
I will allow no thing of this life
to keep us apart!
For You are holy...You are worthy...
You are wonderful!
The benefits of praising You--
they are so bountiful!

O God, no person, place or thing
is greater than You are!
If I allow such in my life
it will take me afar!
But I must make an effort, Lord,
to keep You as The Head
as there be so much less attempting
to replace Your stead!

BUT GOD, I will let nothing come
between my heart and You!
Regardless of what man may think,
despite the world's view,
You are the greatest, most important
Being that I know!
Therefore, I sing of only You, Lord,
as I onward go!

O God, You ARE The Song!
Unto You I belong!
No other melody
shall be inside of me!"

Make sure YOU put God first in your life and in everything you do.  I promise you will know success as you make Him first in your life!

Friday, May 17, 2019


Who cares?  Another person lies sleeping in an alley as we drive to work or from work to our modest accommodations. 
Who cares?

"You saw me on the corner as

you passed the other day...
you didn't have the time or desire
for what I had to say...
you didn't notice that I thirsted
or I wanted food;
you had so much on your agenda
that you ignored the crude.
And now, dressed in your Sunday best
you hurry on your way
to a place that you learn about me,
and, for me, you'll pray.
But prayer is merely empty words
when absent from the deed;
you celebrate in service while
I'm out here with a need.
"But leave it to the Pastor.  It is
his 'job' after all..."
But when it comes to 'reaching out'
each person has The Call!
You'll pass me one more time today
when service comes to end;
will you just continue home
or will you stop and be a friend?"

You know that street or alley I am talking about.  You know 'that part of town.'  Are you just going to listen to the sermon, or are you actually going to live out the words that are yet so alive:
"What you do for the least of these, you also do for Me."

Thursday, May 16, 2019

That Time of Day

That special time of day.  Going to the Holy of Holies to be with God Most High.  It is a time availed to His Own, (those willing to invest said time!)

In royal garments donned am I
in company of One;
the apple of His very eye,
I be addressed "My son..."
a conversation like no other
goes on with Him here'
He calls me "child..." "brother..." "friend;"
and His Name I revere!

There is no other time like this--
our fellowship each day;
no length to matter, nor occurrence,
just that we convey
our hearts to one another in
the holiest of times;
even when just pen-in-hand
with verses, words and rhymes!

Oh, but more than 'characters'
upon an empty page
be the sweet relationship
between God and this sage!
It is a very way of life
forbidding imitation!
The Holy Trinity and I--
what incredible relation!

He gives the robe of righteousness,
He gives me verses that will bless;
He gives all that this life requires,
and, in and through it, He inspires!

So blessed and fortunate be them that have such a relationship with Almighty God.  Are you one of them?  You can be!  There is nothing else like it in this world or the one beyond!  GOD IS SO GOOD!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Don't forget to ENJOY!

Once again, busy...busy...busy.  Back at the grind because we know that there is money to be made and bills to be paid.  But is that ALL there is to this life?
I don't think so.
And God doesn't think so, either!

Away from that which one calls "everyday;"
doing something new...something different...some fun way!
There is so much that is 'necessary' so,
but, away from such, we MUST make time to go!
I KNOW that if we do our best each day
at that which He has purposed on the way,
He will provide ample opportunity
to enjoy this life, have fun and, 'youngsters,' be!

Yes, there is a mighty calling upon us each
to labor in this life and, for Him, reach.
But He also expects us to enjoy the way,
lest we become mere 'existors' with no sway!
So do that to which you're called with all your might!
But make that time to, with the Lord, delight!
For He purposed a certain 'balance' for every man
who submits to Him and carries out His Plan!

Yes, there is much to be done in the days that are remaining.  There is someone to reach out to at every turn.  But there is also a lot to be enjoyed THAT HE CREATED!
Don't forget to get your share of it!


Open your eyes.  Look around.  There is so much beauty and wonder right before our very eyes!  How many of us MAKE the time to take note of that?

So green--the vast creation!

So lush--the rolling hills!
Possible to gauge the view
as HE provides the thrills?
But such to be no matter as
I watch His moving hand
before, beside and all around
in this fertile land!

So blessed be this writer so

receiving endless flow
of words and phrases from His heart--
o more of grace to know!
In the cool of even, as
He walks along with me,
causing mine own eyes, His very
wonderments, to see!

And green the vast creation--

the hills...the fields...beyond...
even trees of vast variety,
His touch, have donned!
O give Him glory!  He is Maker
of the vast creation;
and lose not wonder that, with US,
He wants such close relation!

I am constantly amazed: God has everything that He could ever want or imagine, yet He still wants an intimate relationship with US--you and I!

Are you going to allow Him that opportunity?

Sunday, May 12, 2019

HER celebration!

Mother's Day, 2019. 
A day that has my own mother only in memory, but a day that has another very special mother upon and inside my heart...

Time to celebrate a special woman,
(though there be so many of them that I know!)
Mother's Day--and mine deserves such honor;
but mine, into His Paradise, did go!
The one deserving accolades yet once more
is the one who is beside me every day:
my lovely wife--the decades now behind us--
yet still, such love and honor would I convey!

In so many areas amazing!
She loves me.  She takes care of me.  She prays!
For I am a success due her devotion.
How does she love me?  But can I count the ways?
She completes me.  She finishes what I cannot;
She goes behind and straightens out the mess...
God created such a gift within her;
somehow, seeing fit, my life, to bless!

"My love, I honor you today and each day,
giving thanks to God Most high alone
knowing that I can do nothing daily
without your love and "woman's touch" be known!

The mother of my children...
the lover of my life...
I am the richest man alive
to proclaim 'you are my wife!'"

Approaching 40 years now, and she still remains happy and satisfied with the man that I am.  2/3 of living this life with her has made me the success that I am, and no gift, no words or no promises can be enough to express my gratitude to God and to Debby Busby for the blessings that I know!
Happy Mother's Day, Honey!

Friday, May 10, 2019


The Big City.  I'm not used to this.  It is so foreign when you come from a small town.  Do I retract and hide, therefore, until I can return to that small, familiar place?

How busy be the city--
a living, breathing being!
There is so very, very little
that we're actually seeing.
But God--He sees and knows it all,
even when we cannot;
He looks at me and says "Relax.
My son, this I have got!"

Regardless of activity,

it's at the speed of life!
And as we go about, we go
from ecstasy to strife.
But put one foot before the other,
following His lead
and He will guarantee that,
in HIS eyes, we each succeed!

Living at the speed of life,

in city or beyond,
live life knowing that, of you,
the Lord--He is so fond!
The busyness of business or
the pastoral of pace,
God--He is above it all
and endless be His grace!

So vast are the environments that we all exist in.  However, God is THE constant in every one of them!  Trust Him to lead each of your steps whichever way you are going, and you will truly enjoy success! 


Thursday, May 9, 2019

His Glorious Spring!

And the morning clouds have dissipated to reveal the glory of the blossoms and the green!  God is so good!  And He is to be worshipped far and above the works of His hands!

"You are the One Who so amazes me!
You speak--and wondrous wonders come to be!
You give command and, life, it comes about!
Even in silence, Your great creations shout!
But silence is not on this glory day:
the song of birds is sweetly on display!
Even the trees that gently weave and sway,
Your colors and variety convey!

You are The One Who so amazes me,
Lord, in the seasons of this life that be
You are so evident and oh so real!
Such majesty and glory none may conceal!"

Before you get in the car...walk into work...or settle into any 'ritual,' look around and listen to the evidence that He has places in and all about your day.  Let His reality affect you!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Yes, that's what Jesus brings into your life as You ask Him to be Your Savior.  Don't let anything of this world lie to you and hinder you from doing so!

"If I trip, Your hand is there to catch me,

seeing that my journey is kept strong...
If I fall, You are right there to raise me--
showing that, unto You, I belong...
when my strength would falter on assignment,
You give me Your own so I succeed...
Jesus, Lord and Everything unto me,
You have everything to intercede!

My trust in You, Lord, it is without question;
You prove Yourself more times than I can count!
And there is not a single thing in this life
to hinder me from trusting in That Fount!
For You are all I need or could desire;
and that truth--it shall ever know an end!
In this life and in that life awaiting
You are and will be Savior...Lover...Friend!"

I've seen enough of this life to know how real and rich Jesus is, and just how truly poor this man would be without Him!  Try Him and trust Him for your own life.  You will be all the richer, and you will NEVER regret becoming His Own!