Sunday, April 28, 2019


The Psalmist lays out such wonderful, faithful truths and promises.  They become so real, however, when we read them and follow them as instructed...

"I trust You as I go my way, Lord,
following Your lead;
I delight in all Your ways--
for they are good, indeed!
The steps that You have ordered, Lord,
each day they be unknown;
BUT GOD, as I submit to You,
the way, it will be shown!

My way, it is committed to You;
so, Lord, be my trust!
The fact that You are in control,
it cannot be discussed!
As I obey, as I follow,
Lord, Your blessings be--
even in the many, many
times I cannot see!

Your rest--it be incredible
as long as I obey;
at times, that calls for patience, waiting
for what You will say;
the same, though, has such benefit
for body, mind and soul;
I trust You, Father, through it all,
and You will keep me whole!"

This world is not dependable.  The ways of this world are ever-changing.  BUT GOD is sure and certain and we can trust Him and rely upon Him and His Word!  Submit your life to Him and commit to following His lead--one step at a time--and your success will be certain!

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