Sunday, April 14, 2019

The REAL Reason!

That special time.  No special requests, no pressing needs, no pending the desire to spend quality time with Jesus Christ.
Is there a place in your life for such?

Once more, in a location with just Him.
There be no issues here to make life dim.
Conversing with my very dearest Friend--
it is a time that I don't want to end!
I do not ask about the things of yet,
and He does not mention past that I forget;
it's not a conversation that we "act,"
it is sweet fellowship where hearts react!

I've set aside desires that exist,
and there is not a 'need' that He has missed;
for in this very special, sacred time
I just visit with the closest Friend of mine!
It is a time for us to both enjoy.
No strategies or 'motives' to employ;
only time alone with the Greatest Friend--
those visits that you do not want to end!

Such times--they are available for all.
For one must only answer to His Call.
Of course, He is the One Who answers prayer,
oh, but He desires, at ALL times, to share
in ALL of life--not only in our need;
for His grace, it does, so very far, exceed
the times that each of us just 'want' or 'need!'
My friend, MAKE time to fellowship indeed!

So priceless, so valuable be that wondrous time we dedicate to be "at leisure" with Jesus.  Such concept is so foreign unto many, as some only turn to Him in time of need or trouble.  But God wants to be involved in ALL that we do, even the fun...even the 'boring'...even the 'every day.'  Seek and savor the constancy of Jesus.  I promise you, He wants the very same!

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