Monday, April 15, 2019

That table over there...

The one with just one person at it.  Do you ever stop and think of why they are sitting alone?  Why they are even there...

As busy as the day's allowed to get,
remains there desperate needs that go unmet;
as involved as we are as we "occupy,"
there are imperatives that yet get by;
and those 'things' that outweigh all else on the list--
they are those people closest to exist!
They sit and drink their coffee all alone...
they watch us as we talk upon the phone...
they hear us as we talk and fellowship,
and yearn for anyone, their way, to slip!

Did you see them as you went about your day?
When they smiled did you have a word to say?
For we are 'entertaining angels unaware,'
but only if we MAKE the time to share!
For everywhere you go there is someone
who is weary of a life that consists of 'one!'
So stop by that table or sit at that bench--
the crying of a heart you may just quench!

Being where I am, I see it almost every day: someone shows up at the restaurant not because they hunger and thirst for food, but just to be with other people!  And when everyone else finds or gathers at another table, it's all the more painful.
Jesus said that in the last days the love of others would wax cold.  You can help prevent that by offering to sit and have coffee with a complete stranger.  Trust me, most of them are not 'strange' at all, they only want someone to visit with them!

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