Tuesday, April 9, 2019

That Palm Secure!

The beauty of Spring arrests me once again!  As I am stopped by the glory and splendor of it, I am also minded of Who created it and holds me in His very palm:

"You stop me in my day that I
would realize Your grip!
I return embrace, my Lord,
lest, somewhere, I should slip!
For there is nothing quite like the
assurance in Your palm;
I know that, whatever this day has,
in You have I sweet calm!
Oh Lord, You are so very good
to me--whatever day;
Your rein about is not "restraint,"
but tells me I won't stray.
For You are blest security
in places insecure;
and Your eyes say to me that,
come what may, I shall endure!

Serving You--for it is not
a burden in this life--
it is a key to all success
and helps endure the strife
that this world WILL inflict until
we hear The Trumpet Sound.
Inside Your very mighty hand
will ever I be found!"

God is so good.  He has proven it to me for, lo, these many years, and He will prove it to you as well.  Have YOU trusted Him to do so yet?

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