Friday, April 26, 2019

Sweet Forgiveness!

Yes, that's how to describe it.  It is very necessary but, for some, it seems to be one of the most difficult things to do.

How sweet the life of them that know

'forgiveness' in the heart!
Be it the sin forgiven them,
or that which they impart;
it MUST be done if healing is
to know its perfect way!
Forgive--and you will be forgiven,
and blessing will come your way!
It sounds so simple and so basic,
and, yet, so many lack
the intention or desire
to 'pay nothing back!'
But Jesus paid it all upon
that Cross upon that day;
He has forgiven you and I--
the same must we convey!

So liberating is it to
forgive that wretched wrong;
so simple, too, to cling to it
and let it steal our song!
BUT GOD has made a way for us,
this living, to enjoy:
His blest commands and attributes
are we to so employ!

Is there something in your your your past that you have yet to let go of?  Don't let the lies of the enemy or pride hinder you from releasing it so you can fully enjoy the benefits of God!

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