Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Spring Anew!

Spring.  New life.  Even old life coming alive anew!  Just walk out and look around... listen...

Tiny birds emerging for
the first time from the nest;
watching them in flight to cause
the heart to be so blest!
Listening to their melody
incites me, yet once more,
to fill those feeders in the trees
with what they're looking for!
God sees to it that they have
enough for to survive;
that which I put out, it only
helps them further thrive.
And they return their thanks with songs
but all the whole day through!
On top of that, they are so very
beautiful to view!

A simple, little gesture to
affect this earthly life.
It even serves to entertain
and relieve some strife!
So very much is happening
at all times everywhere--
in watching them and hearing I hear
God say "I am there!"

Spring.  God's annual reminder that He is not only Life, but NEW LIFE!  Make sure to notice the new life that He is somewhere in your busy day.  It is well worth it!


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