Monday, April 29, 2019


Another busy day.  Doing as much as I can as fast as I can, when one of my customers calls me aside for a moment.  What she has to tell me numbs me...while filling me with joy at the same time.  We all have these moments...

Once again, reminded that
this life is not 'the end;'
losing, once again, too soon,
a sister and a friend;
knowing, of a truth, however,
we shall meet once more
where life will have no imperfections,
on that Golden Shore!

What wonderful assurance have we
if we do belong
unto the risen Savior Jesus--
in our hearts His song!
His peace--for it shall carry us
to that Forever Place,
and we shall be sustained until then
by His constant grace!

One more loved one we're without,
but we know where they are!
And He has promised we'll be with her
in a time not far.
Cling ye with me, thus, unto
the peace that He provides
knowing that our loved one,
in that Paradise, abides!

Life gives and takes.  This time, it takes a very precious lady who is quite instrumental in the lives of many.  So soft-spoken, yet such an impact for God 'behind the scenes.'
Rest in peace, dear Shirley.

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