Sunday, April 7, 2019


Out in the field, away from the phone, the TV, away from anything that may distract, God walks with me.  And I notice something...

So much fuller be the blooms

and blossoms on this day!
So glorious--the colors that
the spring has on display!
So generous be God Creator
sharing with us each
the wonder of His handiwork--
His order for to teach!

And NECESSARY be it for
to take time to behold
the workings of His mighty hand,
the subtle and the bold!
Ample time be there for chores
and labors that must be,
but taking time to notice Him
is a necessity!

So set agendas to the side,
step out of 'the race'
and spend that needed time with Him;
He knows about your pace.
He will see to it things get done
when you make time for Him;
the portion He returns to you,
it is not ever slim!

So wonderful, so rewarding is that precious time set aside for only God.  Sure, He is in and around us all through the day, but that time away from the day to be with Him is crucial in this life!

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