Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Just as I spoke of the Most Valuable Time yesterday, there is another aspect that is just as wonderful: ANSWERED PRAYER.
Every time we pray, God answers.  That answer may not always be what we were looking for or desire, but He DOES answer, and He does what is best for us.

"You know me, Lord, even greater than I know!

The very best for me do You bestow.
Even when I think I have no need,
You provide--and You do far more than exceed!
How calming--the assurance that 'You know;'
it frees me to reach out and freely sow!
The knowledge that You'll restore that which I give
helps even this man to help others live!
You know it all.  You own it all, as well;
thus, upon 'wondering' I do not have to dwell!
For I can give to my brother in his lack
because I know that YOU will give it right back!
Oh, the value in knowing Your faithfulness!
You WILL provide and, sometimes, in excess!
I have...therefore I'm free to give away
whatever my brother may need along the way!"

Wonderful assurance: GOD ANSWERS PRAYER!  Even greater, most of the time He provides or gives before I even realize the need!  He is so good!
Give yourself away today.  Sure, you might get taken advantage of, but those instances are only a minute fraction of the bounty that OUR GOD GIVES!

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