Monday, April 1, 2019

Most Valuable Time!

Prayer.  That open line of communication with THE Creator!  What a powerful, wonderful gift it is that we have!

How blessed is open honesty
conversing with the Lord!
How many blessings does the same,
unto the heart, afford?
"You know my every weakness, Lord,
You see mine every move--
what need thus be to mince my words?
For that You disapprove!"

So sweet--the conversation that
goes deeper than mere "prayer!"
Conversing with my closest Friend
anytime and anywhere!
So hallowed that place becomes
if, open, be the heart;
His healing, real providing Presence
is He to impart!

There is no place He will not go
to meet you where you are;
no situation is too grave,
no distance is too far!
He just desires honesty,
(He knows you anyway!)
Be yourself with Him, and often,
on this narrow way!

So much more than mere 'ritual.'  So very necessary for living each day to the fullest!  Why, then, do so many struggle to 'find the time' to spend in it?  Make that time for daily, perhaps constant, conversation with God Himself.  He is always available!

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