Thursday, April 25, 2019

He's ALWAYS New!

New life.  New hope.  New truths...yet all the same Jesus, Christ and Lord over all.  Is new life happening all around you, and you feel like you're stuck in the "same old, same old...?"  Tell Him!

Everything alive becoming
green--and more and more...
little, tiny birds appear
and learn to fly and soar...
blooms and blossoms all about--
a spectrum to provide...
even little fawns appear
with spots upon their hide!
Spring is so alive with life
in order as He chose!
Even Jesus Christ alive:
up from the grave He rose!
So very many causes are there
to be thankful for!
Yet, with every moment passing,
there be many more!

A life alive with gratitude
should each of us be living.
Whatever be our lot in life,
it stops Him not from giving
newness to us every morn
and all throughout the day!
O be ye grateful for the Spring
and all He brings our way!

God is so good to us!  He is aware of all that we are going through at all times, and He has our very lives in the palm of His hand!  His mercies are new every morning, but beware, lest our attention to Him becomes "the same old, same old..."  He is far more worthy than that!

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