Monday, April 22, 2019


"Thank You, God, that Jesus is alive!  Let NOTHING of this life prevent us from a relationship with Him!"
And in order to cultivate a relationship we MUST communicate!

"Oh Lord, I turn to You each day--
no THING here to impede!
You said to bring to You my wants,
and all of my life's needs;
You meet my needs before I know them
thus, Lord, I want from You
time to visit, to converse,
to hear Your voice anew!
Thank You for the relationship
that You have with this man!
You have the number of my days,
and You have the perfect plan!
I yield to that plan all throughout
the day that You have made,
knowing that, whatever comes,
I don't have to be afraid!

Lord Jesus--there is not another
one I give life to.
You are holy, You are perfect,
all Your ways are true;
and we ENJOY each other as
the days, they come and go,
leading to that day ahead when,
face-to-face, I'll know!"

Jesus is alive...and Jesus is LIFE!  It is this man's prayer that you will discover the ENJOYABLE life that belonging to Jesus really is!  Though there is a lot in this world to interfere, don't settle for anything less!

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