Friday, April 12, 2019


Father God.
Creator God...even before creation was!
How well do you know Him?
How well does even this man know Him, this man who writes about Him each day?!
For whatever conclusion we come to on these questions, He is so great that He can and will break right through them!

"You know me in a way that is
impossible for grasp;
the knowledge, Lord, of everything
is firmly in your clasp!
You are aware of our intents
before they even come;
Your wisdom, Father--there is NO man
who could know the sum!
Yet, You let us enter in
and be a part of You!
Finite man, so insecure,
yet valuable to You!
Knowing all we are, You give
in oh so many ways;
expecting only, in return,
our devotion and our praise.

Oh God, You are so very great,
and good to us as well.
Our allegiance to You, therefore,
such love SHOULD compel!
Some do so, Lord, as best we can,
and You say 'It's enough...'
O mind us of this, Father, when
we get caught up with 'stuff!'"

Awesome Creator God.  The greatest of....yet He desires us, our hearts.  So hard to understand, yet so simple to belong.  Don't let ANYTHING in this life prevent you from a relationship with Him.  There is NOTHING worth more than Jesus Blood!

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