Friday, April 5, 2019


Being drawn.
Each of us go out each day because we are drawn to something.  However, the reasons that we are drawn to ______________ are as numerous as the stars in the sky!  'There is someone, however, that is also out there and doing his best to draw us away.  Are you aware of his tactics?

"Lord Jesus, please see to it that
I'm drawn to only You!
Holy Spirit, guard my heart
but all the whole day through!
So many the temptations and
enticements from elsewhere,
but at Your side, my risen Lord,
desire I be there!
The enemy, he roams about
and targets whom he will;
his focus is deception, and
he longs to steal and kill!
BUT GOD, You are much greater and
more powerful that he!
Therefore, my Lord, drawn to Your side,
my heart desires to be!
The tempting and deception will
continue 'til the end.
But with You living In my heart,
I do not have to fend!
For You are my Defender and
Protector from such strife--
You draw me to Your very heart
here and beyond this life!"

Yes, each of us are drawn toward something or are going to be drawn.  Make sure you KNOW Who secures your heart in the present AND in the future!  His Name is JESUS!

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