Wednesday, April 17, 2019


God is real.
Drama comes and goes, but God stays.
Opinions do not affect His love and care for you.  Even those opinions that mock you for believing in His reality and following His ways.  He is still real.  His love of you and for you waivers not.

No matter what the world may do or say,
stand firm inside The Truth, The Life, The Way!
He suffered because He knew that we would too;
He also gave us hope and what to do.
Afflictions--they are a part of each one's life;
along with joys, there will be times of strife.
We will be humiliated, mocked and hurt,
but stand ye fast, rise up, do not desert!
For if God, Himself, would go through scorn and spurn,
rejected and despised at many turn,
should we not expect the same when we believe
and follow the commands that we receive?
Yes, persecution, drama and hatred we may know,
but it will not stop HIS love and favor to flow!
Press on, therefore, doing His will as best you can,
KNOWING that, in spite of it all, you are HIS plan!

Don't let the drama of this life hinder you from living life.  No matter how perfect you do things, someone will be upset with you.  Just remember who you are, and WHOSE you are!

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