Monday, April 8, 2019

Contemplating promises

Day is done.  Relaxing.  Looking ahead to that which He has promised, drawing strength and encouragement from the same...

Perfection be at last as we
now walk the streets with Him!
Streets of gold of which we sang
are now so far from dim!
The shimmer of perfection here
with everything anew!
There be no words composed as yet
describing such a view!

And all for those belonging to Him--
all those born again!
Those that took of Jesus Blood
to wash away their sin.
We walk beside Him now where time
is absent and unknown;
into that perfect life He has
The Chosen now have grown!

Will YOU be of that number that
partake of such a life?
It is availed to one and all
in spite of daily strife!
Just ask The Lord into your heart
and live for Him each day;
be born again and you'll be set
for all that comes our way!

Jesus died so that we could have eternal life.  Jesus lives so that He can enjoy life with us and we can enjoy life with Him...this life and the next!  Don't try to understand it all, just accept Him as your Savior and live the way that He leads.  Yes.  It IS possible!

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