Thursday, April 11, 2019


Our days are full of them.  Some of them we realize immediately.  Others we don't see at all.  Still others we don't realize that they are a blessing until much later.  BUT GOD has your best in mind, and His motives are always perfect!

You take me to a quiet place
and settle me each day;
You see me through the ups and downs
that are this world's way;
You meet mine every need, even
before I see it rise!
Above all, Lord, You bless--far more
than I can realize!

My gratitude and thanks arise
unto You without end!
You never leave me, and your gifts
so constantly descend!
You are aware of all that is
and of all that will be;
for there is NOTHING in my life, Lord,
that You cannot see!
Therefore can we trust You, matter
not what we may see;
even when the sight be dismal
we have The Victory!
And we will see the BLESSINGS from it,
Lord, when You see fit;
for there is life--here and beyond,
and You're the King of it!

Whatever you may be going through right now, remember it is not permanent!  This life will have its ups and downs until He returns to take us to eternity...and His blessings will continue even then!

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