Saturday, April 27, 2019

Being watched

What a glorious day!  Just look around you.  Realize, grasp how countless the proofs of God's Presence are!
I do so as I go to fill the feeders...

The squirrels in the trees are on alert--
the know that I have come to bring dessert...
the birds of such variety all sing,
knowing of the seed that I will bring...
do they know how much they entertain
as I make the rounds dispensing grain?
Out here, in God's creation, I relax,
conversing with Him as He walks these tracks.

Spring has made a beautiful display
throughout the trees this April Saturday!
I am so grateful I can see it all,
and grateful He responds unto my call.
Regardless of the day or time that be,
in and around this man is always He
to make sure I am blessed right from His hand--
even by the creation of His hand!

Whoever you are...wherever you are...proof of God's Presence is right there.  Can you see it...hear it...feel it...sense it?  The glory of His Presence and His touch are NEVER far.  Enjoy Him!

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