Saturday, April 13, 2019


A lot of things in life APPEAR to be real.  Some things are very real...and painful!  However, when you have Jesus in your life, His sustenance will carry you through...regardless of 'reality!'

When peace is absent from this life

I know right where to go...
when victory escapes from me
there is a Name I know...
when storms begin to rage and winds
begin to swirl about,
that which I need lives in my heart,
and, in Him, there's no doubt!
Yes, JESUS is alive inside
in spite of what's around.
Life is a variety,
BUT GOD is Solid Ground!
He is The Stabilizer in
a world that knows not such,
and, ever-constantly, I know
His perfect, loving touch!

This life--it varies day-to-day,
even hour-by hour,
but ever-constant, ever-stable
is Christ in His power
seeing us through every storm
that rises on the way;
He is the One Necessity
for ALL men, every day!
For He commands the wind and woe
and they obey His Word!
Speak the Name of JESUS and
His peace will be occurred!
Regardless of severity
of any situation,
God has NEVER lost control,
and YOU can have relation!

Peace may be absent in the days that are at times, but it does not have to be absent inside of you!  Continue to trust the Lord as your Savior, believing and knowing that He has got you in the palm of His hand!  There is no more secure place!

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