Thursday, April 18, 2019


Entertaining Angels.
Have you ever thought that you were doing such as you went about your day?  Whether you know it or not, (or like it,) there are angels all about us as we tend the fantastic, the mundane, the everyday.
Know this as you fulfill your calling...whatever it is!

The same-old, same-old every day,

each week...each month...each year...
There may not be a lot that care,
BUT GOD knows you are here!
He even sets His guardians
but all throughout your day;
they overlook, protect and guard
upon the narrow way.

No one is 'insignificant,'

(even when told you are!)
You have a plan and purpose and
a destination far!
You have great value in this life
regardless how you 'feel;'
that's why God so invests in you
with guardians so real!

Even Christ was not 'alone'

in all that He went through.
When He cried out "Forsaken" He
was just like me and you!
But see what purpose He fulfilled
in those painful hours;
angels so accompanied Him
though He retained His powers!

Many about us, a very great multitude about us, struggle with "significance."  Jesus went through all that He did so that we could be all that we can be in this life...and have everlasting life.  Yes, God sent His one begotten Son because YOU are significant in His eyes, and He continues to send out His angels as we go about the day.  LIVE therefore!


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