Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Work in Progress

So are we all.  That may be an uncomfortable and unsettling truth, but He thinks that you are worth the effort and the wait.  Do you?

I am the way I am 'cause You
created me this way.
You set my path and gave me purpose
on the narrow way!
You made me--yet You tweak and carve
a masterpiece in You!
I am a work-in-progress--only
YOU know when I'm through!

The toils and trials of the day--
You're shaping me anew;
I shan't be caused to fret such, Lord,
'cause I know it is You!
You know what is best for me,
You have the very same!
When You are finished, there's a
masterpiece for YOU to claim!

And all along the way, You bless,
you prosper me, as well;
Your loving touch upon my life--
devotion to compel!
I am devoted to You, Lord,
and that which You have planned;
without You, Lord, there is no way
that I could even stand!"

A work in progress.  So are we all.  Sure, God can see the finished product.  Is He pleased with what He sees in you?  I wonder, how many of us are patient enough and willing to allow Him to get to that finished product?

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