Monday, April 29, 2019


Another busy day.  Doing as much as I can as fast as I can, when one of my customers calls me aside for a moment.  What she has to tell me numbs me...while filling me with joy at the same time.  We all have these moments...

Once again, reminded that
this life is not 'the end;'
losing, once again, too soon,
a sister and a friend;
knowing, of a truth, however,
we shall meet once more
where life will have no imperfections,
on that Golden Shore!

What wonderful assurance have we
if we do belong
unto the risen Savior Jesus--
in our hearts His song!
His peace--for it shall carry us
to that Forever Place,
and we shall be sustained until then
by His constant grace!

One more loved one we're without,
but we know where they are!
And He has promised we'll be with her
in a time not far.
Cling ye with me, thus, unto
the peace that He provides
knowing that our loved one,
in that Paradise, abides!

Life gives and takes.  This time, it takes a very precious lady who is quite instrumental in the lives of many.  So soft-spoken, yet such an impact for God 'behind the scenes.'
Rest in peace, dear Shirley.

Sunday, April 28, 2019


The Psalmist lays out such wonderful, faithful truths and promises.  They become so real, however, when we read them and follow them as instructed...

"I trust You as I go my way, Lord,
following Your lead;
I delight in all Your ways--
for they are good, indeed!
The steps that You have ordered, Lord,
each day they be unknown;
BUT GOD, as I submit to You,
the way, it will be shown!

My way, it is committed to You;
so, Lord, be my trust!
The fact that You are in control,
it cannot be discussed!
As I obey, as I follow,
Lord, Your blessings be--
even in the many, many
times I cannot see!

Your rest--it be incredible
as long as I obey;
at times, that calls for patience, waiting
for what You will say;
the same, though, has such benefit
for body, mind and soul;
I trust You, Father, through it all,
and You will keep me whole!"

This world is not dependable.  The ways of this world are ever-changing.  BUT GOD is sure and certain and we can trust Him and rely upon Him and His Word!  Submit your life to Him and commit to following His lead--one step at a time--and your success will be certain!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Being watched

What a glorious day!  Just look around you.  Realize, grasp how countless the proofs of God's Presence are!
I do so as I go to fill the feeders...

The squirrels in the trees are on alert--
the know that I have come to bring dessert...
the birds of such variety all sing,
knowing of the seed that I will bring...
do they know how much they entertain
as I make the rounds dispensing grain?
Out here, in God's creation, I relax,
conversing with Him as He walks these tracks.

Spring has made a beautiful display
throughout the trees this April Saturday!
I am so grateful I can see it all,
and grateful He responds unto my call.
Regardless of the day or time that be,
in and around this man is always He
to make sure I am blessed right from His hand--
even by the creation of His hand!

Whoever you are...wherever you are...proof of God's Presence is right there.  Can you see it...hear it...feel it...sense it?  The glory of His Presence and His touch are NEVER far.  Enjoy Him!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Sweet Forgiveness!

Yes, that's how to describe it.  It is very necessary but, for some, it seems to be one of the most difficult things to do.

How sweet the life of them that know

'forgiveness' in the heart!
Be it the sin forgiven them,
or that which they impart;
it MUST be done if healing is
to know its perfect way!
Forgive--and you will be forgiven,
and blessing will come your way!
It sounds so simple and so basic,
and, yet, so many lack
the intention or desire
to 'pay nothing back!'
But Jesus paid it all upon
that Cross upon that day;
He has forgiven you and I--
the same must we convey!

So liberating is it to
forgive that wretched wrong;
so simple, too, to cling to it
and let it steal our song!
BUT GOD has made a way for us,
this living, to enjoy:
His blest commands and attributes
are we to so employ!

Is there something in your your your past that you have yet to let go of?  Don't let the lies of the enemy or pride hinder you from releasing it so you can fully enjoy the benefits of God!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

He's ALWAYS New!

New life.  New hope.  New truths...yet all the same Jesus, Christ and Lord over all.  Is new life happening all around you, and you feel like you're stuck in the "same old, same old...?"  Tell Him!

Everything alive becoming
green--and more and more...
little, tiny birds appear
and learn to fly and soar...
blooms and blossoms all about--
a spectrum to provide...
even little fawns appear
with spots upon their hide!
Spring is so alive with life
in order as He chose!
Even Jesus Christ alive:
up from the grave He rose!
So very many causes are there
to be thankful for!
Yet, with every moment passing,
there be many more!

A life alive with gratitude
should each of us be living.
Whatever be our lot in life,
it stops Him not from giving
newness to us every morn
and all throughout the day!
O be ye grateful for the Spring
and all He brings our way!

God is so good to us!  He is aware of all that we are going through at all times, and He has our very lives in the palm of His hand!  His mercies are new every morning, but beware, lest our attention to Him becomes "the same old, same old..."  He is far more worthy than that!

Monday, April 22, 2019


"Thank You, God, that Jesus is alive!  Let NOTHING of this life prevent us from a relationship with Him!"
And in order to cultivate a relationship we MUST communicate!

"Oh Lord, I turn to You each day--
no THING here to impede!
You said to bring to You my wants,
and all of my life's needs;
You meet my needs before I know them
thus, Lord, I want from You
time to visit, to converse,
to hear Your voice anew!
Thank You for the relationship
that You have with this man!
You have the number of my days,
and You have the perfect plan!
I yield to that plan all throughout
the day that You have made,
knowing that, whatever comes,
I don't have to be afraid!

Lord Jesus--there is not another
one I give life to.
You are holy, You are perfect,
all Your ways are true;
and we ENJOY each other as
the days, they come and go,
leading to that day ahead when,
face-to-face, I'll know!"

Jesus is alive...and Jesus is LIFE!  It is this man's prayer that you will discover the ENJOYABLE life that belonging to Jesus really is!  Though there is a lot in this world to interfere, don't settle for anything less!

Thursday, April 18, 2019


Entertaining Angels.
Have you ever thought that you were doing such as you went about your day?  Whether you know it or not, (or like it,) there are angels all about us as we tend the fantastic, the mundane, the everyday.
Know this as you fulfill your calling...whatever it is!

The same-old, same-old every day,

each week...each month...each year...
There may not be a lot that care,
BUT GOD knows you are here!
He even sets His guardians
but all throughout your day;
they overlook, protect and guard
upon the narrow way.

No one is 'insignificant,'

(even when told you are!)
You have a plan and purpose and
a destination far!
You have great value in this life
regardless how you 'feel;'
that's why God so invests in you
with guardians so real!

Even Christ was not 'alone'

in all that He went through.
When He cried out "Forsaken" He
was just like me and you!
But see what purpose He fulfilled
in those painful hours;
angels so accompanied Him
though He retained His powers!

Many about us, a very great multitude about us, struggle with "significance."  Jesus went through all that He did so that we could be all that we can be in this life...and have everlasting life.  Yes, God sent His one begotten Son because YOU are significant in His eyes, and He continues to send out His angels as we go about the day.  LIVE therefore!


Wednesday, April 17, 2019


God is real.
Drama comes and goes, but God stays.
Opinions do not affect His love and care for you.  Even those opinions that mock you for believing in His reality and following His ways.  He is still real.  His love of you and for you waivers not.

No matter what the world may do or say,
stand firm inside The Truth, The Life, The Way!
He suffered because He knew that we would too;
He also gave us hope and what to do.
Afflictions--they are a part of each one's life;
along with joys, there will be times of strife.
We will be humiliated, mocked and hurt,
but stand ye fast, rise up, do not desert!
For if God, Himself, would go through scorn and spurn,
rejected and despised at many turn,
should we not expect the same when we believe
and follow the commands that we receive?
Yes, persecution, drama and hatred we may know,
but it will not stop HIS love and favor to flow!
Press on, therefore, doing His will as best you can,
KNOWING that, in spite of it all, you are HIS plan!

Don't let the drama of this life hinder you from living life.  No matter how perfect you do things, someone will be upset with you.  Just remember who you are, and WHOSE you are!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Blue skies shine as far as eye can see
to so emblazon His creativity!
The mountains and the gently rolling hills...
the river and its gently rolling rills...
the winds today to gently groom the grass,
all while billowed whites so softly pass.

From where He looks, there are no border lines,
only the intricacy of His designs!
But a fair amount He's placed in this great land,
and I thank Him for it as I humbly stand
and look across America from this place--
a land so fortunate due His great grace!

And grateful each American needs to be
to have been born in this vicinity
and to reside in the freedom that we know--
not all have such wealth, on them, to bestow!
And others, they should all be in our prayers
unto THE God Who is over ALL affairs!

We are blessed.
Americans, we are so blessed to have residence in this place!  And it is due God's grace alone that we have such.  We are proud, yes, but we must retain humility and pray for those who do not know the freedoms, the liberties and the beauty that we enjoy. 
Pray for the world.  Pray for Israel.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  For He commands us to so by His Word, and we are compelled to do so by His love.

Monday, April 15, 2019

That table over there...

The one with just one person at it.  Do you ever stop and think of why they are sitting alone?  Why they are even there...

As busy as the day's allowed to get,
remains there desperate needs that go unmet;
as involved as we are as we "occupy,"
there are imperatives that yet get by;
and those 'things' that outweigh all else on the list--
they are those people closest to exist!
They sit and drink their coffee all alone...
they watch us as we talk upon the phone...
they hear us as we talk and fellowship,
and yearn for anyone, their way, to slip!

Did you see them as you went about your day?
When they smiled did you have a word to say?
For we are 'entertaining angels unaware,'
but only if we MAKE the time to share!
For everywhere you go there is someone
who is weary of a life that consists of 'one!'
So stop by that table or sit at that bench--
the crying of a heart you may just quench!

Being where I am, I see it almost every day: someone shows up at the restaurant not because they hunger and thirst for food, but just to be with other people!  And when everyone else finds or gathers at another table, it's all the more painful.
Jesus said that in the last days the love of others would wax cold.  You can help prevent that by offering to sit and have coffee with a complete stranger.  Trust me, most of them are not 'strange' at all, they only want someone to visit with them!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The REAL Reason!

That special time.  No special requests, no pressing needs, no pending the desire to spend quality time with Jesus Christ.
Is there a place in your life for such?

Once more, in a location with just Him.
There be no issues here to make life dim.
Conversing with my very dearest Friend--
it is a time that I don't want to end!
I do not ask about the things of yet,
and He does not mention past that I forget;
it's not a conversation that we "act,"
it is sweet fellowship where hearts react!

I've set aside desires that exist,
and there is not a 'need' that He has missed;
for in this very special, sacred time
I just visit with the closest Friend of mine!
It is a time for us to both enjoy.
No strategies or 'motives' to employ;
only time alone with the Greatest Friend--
those visits that you do not want to end!

Such times--they are available for all.
For one must only answer to His Call.
Of course, He is the One Who answers prayer,
oh, but He desires, at ALL times, to share
in ALL of life--not only in our need;
for His grace, it does, so very far, exceed
the times that each of us just 'want' or 'need!'
My friend, MAKE time to fellowship indeed!

So priceless, so valuable be that wondrous time we dedicate to be "at leisure" with Jesus.  Such concept is so foreign unto many, as some only turn to Him in time of need or trouble.  But God wants to be involved in ALL that we do, even the fun...even the 'boring'...even the 'every day.'  Seek and savor the constancy of Jesus.  I promise you, He wants the very same!

Saturday, April 13, 2019


A lot of things in life APPEAR to be real.  Some things are very real...and painful!  However, when you have Jesus in your life, His sustenance will carry you through...regardless of 'reality!'

When peace is absent from this life

I know right where to go...
when victory escapes from me
there is a Name I know...
when storms begin to rage and winds
begin to swirl about,
that which I need lives in my heart,
and, in Him, there's no doubt!
Yes, JESUS is alive inside
in spite of what's around.
Life is a variety,
BUT GOD is Solid Ground!
He is The Stabilizer in
a world that knows not such,
and, ever-constantly, I know
His perfect, loving touch!

This life--it varies day-to-day,
even hour-by hour,
but ever-constant, ever-stable
is Christ in His power
seeing us through every storm
that rises on the way;
He is the One Necessity
for ALL men, every day!
For He commands the wind and woe
and they obey His Word!
Speak the Name of JESUS and
His peace will be occurred!
Regardless of severity
of any situation,
God has NEVER lost control,
and YOU can have relation!

Peace may be absent in the days that are at times, but it does not have to be absent inside of you!  Continue to trust the Lord as your Savior, believing and knowing that He has got you in the palm of His hand!  There is no more secure place!

Friday, April 12, 2019


Father God.
Creator God...even before creation was!
How well do you know Him?
How well does even this man know Him, this man who writes about Him each day?!
For whatever conclusion we come to on these questions, He is so great that He can and will break right through them!

"You know me in a way that is
impossible for grasp;
the knowledge, Lord, of everything
is firmly in your clasp!
You are aware of our intents
before they even come;
Your wisdom, Father--there is NO man
who could know the sum!
Yet, You let us enter in
and be a part of You!
Finite man, so insecure,
yet valuable to You!
Knowing all we are, You give
in oh so many ways;
expecting only, in return,
our devotion and our praise.

Oh God, You are so very great,
and good to us as well.
Our allegiance to You, therefore,
such love SHOULD compel!
Some do so, Lord, as best we can,
and You say 'It's enough...'
O mind us of this, Father, when
we get caught up with 'stuff!'"

Awesome Creator God.  The greatest of....yet He desires us, our hearts.  So hard to understand, yet so simple to belong.  Don't let ANYTHING in this life prevent you from a relationship with Him.  There is NOTHING worth more than Jesus Blood!

Thursday, April 11, 2019


Our days are full of them.  Some of them we realize immediately.  Others we don't see at all.  Still others we don't realize that they are a blessing until much later.  BUT GOD has your best in mind, and His motives are always perfect!

You take me to a quiet place
and settle me each day;
You see me through the ups and downs
that are this world's way;
You meet mine every need, even
before I see it rise!
Above all, Lord, You bless--far more
than I can realize!

My gratitude and thanks arise
unto You without end!
You never leave me, and your gifts
so constantly descend!
You are aware of all that is
and of all that will be;
for there is NOTHING in my life, Lord,
that You cannot see!
Therefore can we trust You, matter
not what we may see;
even when the sight be dismal
we have The Victory!
And we will see the BLESSINGS from it,
Lord, when You see fit;
for there is life--here and beyond,
and You're the King of it!

Whatever you may be going through right now, remember it is not permanent!  This life will have its ups and downs until He returns to take us to eternity...and His blessings will continue even then!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

That Palm Secure!

The beauty of Spring arrests me once again!  As I am stopped by the glory and splendor of it, I am also minded of Who created it and holds me in His very palm:

"You stop me in my day that I
would realize Your grip!
I return embrace, my Lord,
lest, somewhere, I should slip!
For there is nothing quite like the
assurance in Your palm;
I know that, whatever this day has,
in You have I sweet calm!
Oh Lord, You are so very good
to me--whatever day;
Your rein about is not "restraint,"
but tells me I won't stray.
For You are blest security
in places insecure;
and Your eyes say to me that,
come what may, I shall endure!

Serving You--for it is not
a burden in this life--
it is a key to all success
and helps endure the strife
that this world WILL inflict until
we hear The Trumpet Sound.
Inside Your very mighty hand
will ever I be found!"

God is so good.  He has proven it to me for, lo, these many years, and He will prove it to you as well.  Have YOU trusted Him to do so yet?

Monday, April 8, 2019

Contemplating promises

Day is done.  Relaxing.  Looking ahead to that which He has promised, drawing strength and encouragement from the same...

Perfection be at last as we
now walk the streets with Him!
Streets of gold of which we sang
are now so far from dim!
The shimmer of perfection here
with everything anew!
There be no words composed as yet
describing such a view!

And all for those belonging to Him--
all those born again!
Those that took of Jesus Blood
to wash away their sin.
We walk beside Him now where time
is absent and unknown;
into that perfect life He has
The Chosen now have grown!

Will YOU be of that number that
partake of such a life?
It is availed to one and all
in spite of daily strife!
Just ask The Lord into your heart
and live for Him each day;
be born again and you'll be set
for all that comes our way!

Jesus died so that we could have eternal life.  Jesus lives so that He can enjoy life with us and we can enjoy life with Him...this life and the next!  Don't try to understand it all, just accept Him as your Savior and live the way that He leads.  Yes.  It IS possible!

Sunday, April 7, 2019


Out in the field, away from the phone, the TV, away from anything that may distract, God walks with me.  And I notice something...

So much fuller be the blooms

and blossoms on this day!
So glorious--the colors that
the spring has on display!
So generous be God Creator
sharing with us each
the wonder of His handiwork--
His order for to teach!

And NECESSARY be it for
to take time to behold
the workings of His mighty hand,
the subtle and the bold!
Ample time be there for chores
and labors that must be,
but taking time to notice Him
is a necessity!

So set agendas to the side,
step out of 'the race'
and spend that needed time with Him;
He knows about your pace.
He will see to it things get done
when you make time for Him;
the portion He returns to you,
it is not ever slim!

So wonderful, so rewarding is that precious time set aside for only God.  Sure, He is in and around us all through the day, but that time away from the day to be with Him is crucial in this life!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Work in Progress

So are we all.  That may be an uncomfortable and unsettling truth, but He thinks that you are worth the effort and the wait.  Do you?

I am the way I am 'cause You
created me this way.
You set my path and gave me purpose
on the narrow way!
You made me--yet You tweak and carve
a masterpiece in You!
I am a work-in-progress--only
YOU know when I'm through!

The toils and trials of the day--
You're shaping me anew;
I shan't be caused to fret such, Lord,
'cause I know it is You!
You know what is best for me,
You have the very same!
When You are finished, there's a
masterpiece for YOU to claim!

And all along the way, You bless,
you prosper me, as well;
Your loving touch upon my life--
devotion to compel!
I am devoted to You, Lord,
and that which You have planned;
without You, Lord, there is no way
that I could even stand!"

A work in progress.  So are we all.  Sure, God can see the finished product.  Is He pleased with what He sees in you?  I wonder, how many of us are patient enough and willing to allow Him to get to that finished product?

Friday, April 5, 2019


Being drawn.
Each of us go out each day because we are drawn to something.  However, the reasons that we are drawn to ______________ are as numerous as the stars in the sky!  'There is someone, however, that is also out there and doing his best to draw us away.  Are you aware of his tactics?

"Lord Jesus, please see to it that
I'm drawn to only You!
Holy Spirit, guard my heart
but all the whole day through!
So many the temptations and
enticements from elsewhere,
but at Your side, my risen Lord,
desire I be there!
The enemy, he roams about
and targets whom he will;
his focus is deception, and
he longs to steal and kill!
BUT GOD, You are much greater and
more powerful that he!
Therefore, my Lord, drawn to Your side,
my heart desires to be!
The tempting and deception will
continue 'til the end.
But with You living In my heart,
I do not have to fend!
For You are my Defender and
Protector from such strife--
You draw me to Your very heart
here and beyond this life!"

Yes, each of us are drawn toward something or are going to be drawn.  Make sure you KNOW Who secures your heart in the present AND in the future!  His Name is JESUS!

Thursday, April 4, 2019


Such is life some days.  We get a phone call...a 'special report' interrupts our show...something comes in the mail...but God is aware of it all before it even happens.

The anchor when this life tosses about...
Security when all else is in doubt...
The only stable One to Whom we cling--
Jesus Christ--God's greatest offering!

So varied are the things inside the day.
So certain is The Truth, The Life, The Way!
Regardless of the notices or news,
we can KNOW that He has been in our same shoes!
And thus we turn to Him for EVERYTHING!
Unto His Word and ways do we dearly cling
knowing that His love will get us through--
Is that same security in you?

The sea is choppy, and the waves, they swell;
the issues would, our darkest fears, compel!
BUT CHRIST, He is the Master of the sea
and He reserves the best for such as we!

Whatever it is that is shaking your world right now, don't give up.  Don't panic.  For God has Your steps ordered and His eyes can see beyond your own.  Keep trusting Him and doing that which you are called to do.
"For this, too, shall pass."

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Spring Anew!

Spring.  New life.  Even old life coming alive anew!  Just walk out and look around... listen...

Tiny birds emerging for
the first time from the nest;
watching them in flight to cause
the heart to be so blest!
Listening to their melody
incites me, yet once more,
to fill those feeders in the trees
with what they're looking for!
God sees to it that they have
enough for to survive;
that which I put out, it only
helps them further thrive.
And they return their thanks with songs
but all the whole day through!
On top of that, they are so very
beautiful to view!

A simple, little gesture to
affect this earthly life.
It even serves to entertain
and relieve some strife!
So very much is happening
at all times everywhere--
in watching them and hearing I hear
God say "I am there!"

Spring.  God's annual reminder that He is not only Life, but NEW LIFE!  Make sure to notice the new life that He is somewhere in your busy day.  It is well worth it!


Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Just as I spoke of the Most Valuable Time yesterday, there is another aspect that is just as wonderful: ANSWERED PRAYER.
Every time we pray, God answers.  That answer may not always be what we were looking for or desire, but He DOES answer, and He does what is best for us.

"You know me, Lord, even greater than I know!

The very best for me do You bestow.
Even when I think I have no need,
You provide--and You do far more than exceed!
How calming--the assurance that 'You know;'
it frees me to reach out and freely sow!
The knowledge that You'll restore that which I give
helps even this man to help others live!
You know it all.  You own it all, as well;
thus, upon 'wondering' I do not have to dwell!
For I can give to my brother in his lack
because I know that YOU will give it right back!
Oh, the value in knowing Your faithfulness!
You WILL provide and, sometimes, in excess!
I have...therefore I'm free to give away
whatever my brother may need along the way!"

Wonderful assurance: GOD ANSWERS PRAYER!  Even greater, most of the time He provides or gives before I even realize the need!  He is so good!
Give yourself away today.  Sure, you might get taken advantage of, but those instances are only a minute fraction of the bounty that OUR GOD GIVES!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Most Valuable Time!

Prayer.  That open line of communication with THE Creator!  What a powerful, wonderful gift it is that we have!

How blessed is open honesty
conversing with the Lord!
How many blessings does the same,
unto the heart, afford?
"You know my every weakness, Lord,
You see mine every move--
what need thus be to mince my words?
For that You disapprove!"

So sweet--the conversation that
goes deeper than mere "prayer!"
Conversing with my closest Friend
anytime and anywhere!
So hallowed that place becomes
if, open, be the heart;
His healing, real providing Presence
is He to impart!

There is no place He will not go
to meet you where you are;
no situation is too grave,
no distance is too far!
He just desires honesty,
(He knows you anyway!)
Be yourself with Him, and often,
on this narrow way!

So much more than mere 'ritual.'  So very necessary for living each day to the fullest!  Why, then, do so many struggle to 'find the time' to spend in it?  Make that time for daily, perhaps constant, conversation with God Himself.  He is always available!