Saturday, March 9, 2019

Victorious Wonder!

Regardless of what may or may not happen to us in the day, it is such a wonder to belong to THE very God Who created the universe...and keeps it going!

What hope we have, what great assurance
in Lord Jesus Christ!
God knew that we would need Him and
what would be sacrificed.
He came, He lived, He suffered and
He died for EVERYONE;
Oh, but then He rose again
and, glory, it was done!

And He lives inside our every moment
as we so allow.
His power and His victory
to constantly endow!
Victory to press on in
a very busy place
exhibiting His love and care,
and His amazing grace!

What hope--it is availed in
not any other place!
Whatever obstacle or person
we may have to face
Jesus--He is right inside us
guiding us along;
so very, very fortunate
are we to so belong!

Never take for granted the value of your salvation!  God did not intend for us to merely live, He meant for us to prosper, excel and succeed!  Rejoice in the fact that He created YOU for an intended purpose and has your every step ordered!

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