Friday, March 15, 2019

Too focused?

Here we go again.  Out into a world that requires us to do as much as we can as fast as we can.  Do we have time for anything else?  Will we make time for anything else?

My brother has a hand outstretched--
who can satisfy?
Should I call the pastor over
and turn a blind eye?
Should I recommend the proper
agency for him?
Or do I wait for someone else
to help him...chance is slim!

NO!  My brother has his hand out because
Christ has put him there,
and He knows that I possess what's needed,
He expects for me to share!
The reaching hand not always seeks
a "thing" to satisfy,
for it may only need a touch,
or a word to edify!

The hand outstretched--will you avoid
such opportunity?
It may cost, it may even hurt,
but such benefits WILL be!
Look for that hand throughout the day,
it isn't far away--
a very blessed man you will be
in many a countless way!

Did you see that hand when you were out today?  Would you even recognize it if you did.  Sure, it may require your time or even some of your money, but grabbing hold of that hand has benefits that money cannot buy!

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