Thursday, March 28, 2019

This Earthly Life

It gets crazy sometimes.  Even painful!  But it is also hallowed and beautiful.  Do YOU know how to find that balance?

Life once more to have it's way-

escape is one to seek?
What if we celebrate that life?
Would that not be unique?
Each of us have trials that
we go through on the way,
however, there is MORE than 'trials'
contained inside the day!

There is something to be celebrated,
savored or enjoyed,
and focusing perspective on that
needs to be employed!
I know the pain, I know the stress,
the disappointments, too,
but we must be careful not
to let such fill our view!

Life--it is variety--
and God, He sees to that!
We must allow Him our whole heart
wherever we are at!
He will take care of all the details
if we will allow,
and LIVE what He has purposed for us
in the here and now.

The day may not be going the way you want it, but God is still in control...IF you relinquish said control to Him.  He is more than able to handle your day if you live the way He told us: one moment at a time.

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