Thursday, March 7, 2019

They need you!

Too many people have we in our lives that have little or no hope whatsoever.  They go through the motions each and every day, just "putting in their time."  YOU may even be one of them.  But there is much more to life than that!

There is someone in my day
that needs the Christ in me.
They are lacking hope, they are confused,
they cannot even see;
BUT GOD has placed inside this man
exactly what they need--
will I yield myself to Him,
His tender voice to heed?

There is someone in YOUR day
who needs the very same.
You have a are busy...
no time for them to claim!
You gave your heart to Jesus because
someone shared with you.
Aren't you available to do
the same for others, too?
In fact, there is someone right now
somewhere inside our lives
with no idea what love is,
or when true hope arrives.
YOU could be that 'someone' that
reveals such Truth to them;
but you must be available
for the move of Him!

Avail yourself to God and the moving of His Holy Spirit.  You will be amazed at what He can do through you...and what it will do FOR you!

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