Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Known Unknown

A brand new day of life.  What will come of it?  What will God have us involved in that we know not of already?  Are YOU available for such?

So very many issues--
so important all;
some of them have to do
with this man's very call;
but one of them to supersede, yes,
one of them more great:
it is that time alone with God
so that I can relate!

They come to me throughout the day
with concerns so vast;
but if I am not square with God,
they will continue past;
only if I am with Him
in solitude each day
will I have the ability
to minister on the way.

And each one has a ministry,
each that belong to Him.
His empathy and wisdom be
instilled in each of them
in that time alone with Him,
(and in that moment due.)
Belong to God, available;
He will employ you, too!

Of course, we know what our job is and our duties are for each day, but people, places and things happen in the midst of all of that.  How will you respond in those times?

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